Department of Construction projects

Article: Department of Construction projects

Are you planning a construction project? We will gladly support you in all kinds of insurance aspects in terms of building.

With our product package “DVA Combined Construction, Erection and Liability Insurance®” you receive full comprehensive insurance cover. Our team of specialists consisting of lawyers, engineers and insurance experts are pleased to advise you on your risks during construction and relevant insurance needs.

Our knowledge is based on our experience of the past, having covered more than 2.500 construction projects in all areas ranging from railway infrastructure to engineering work, tunnels and bridge superstructure. Due to our expertise we are one of the leading providers of project-related insurance protection.

Your insurance interests in case of a claim are most important to us. Our team supports you from the damage survey to taking part in essential meetings and in the claim settlements, according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. We are your partner. Therefore you do not need to manage different insurance policies, you have one comprehensive policy that covers all your needs.

DVA Combined Construction, Erection and Liability Insurance®

One insurance policy for any incident!

With our Combined Construction, Erection and Liability Insurance® we guarantee insurance cover for everyone involved in the construction project. Due to our knowledge and experience with building and reconstruction, tunnels and various infrastructure projects of the Deutsche Bahn, we are an experienced partner for your project.

We are constantly committed in developing our products further. From 1994 up until today, we have supported construction projects with a collective value of over 100 billion Euros. Not only do our products and services provide coverage for all possible risks, they also offer you many additional benefits.