Motor, Personal Accident and Legal Aid Insurance

Article: Motor, Personal Accident and Legal Aid Insurance

Motor Insurance
With DVA, you have a reliable partner for motor insurance. Third party motor liability of course is a mandatory cover. In addition partial or full comprehensive cover ("casco") offers protection against unexpected financial risks. We also offer solutions for a vehicle-breakdown to compensate such costs. If required we are happy to include accident coverage for drivers and passengers, as well as special forms of driver´s legal aid coverage to your package.

Personal Accident Insurance
Accidents happen every day and can have a huge impact on your daily life. Therefore it is important to have the right coverage in place. Our accident insurance recommendations offer employees coverage in the event of death and disability. We assist you in finding the right solutions for your individual company demands.

Legal Aid Insurance
When it comes to legal issues, it is essential to have the right legal aid product to suit your particular needs. Together with the insurer we assist you in mandating the right attorney. The costs of legal advice and legal defense in proceedings are just some of the insured benefits we can offer you.