Transport, Baggage, Freight Forwarder´s and Carriers´s Liability Insurance

Article: Transport, Baggage, Freight Forwarder´s and Carriers´s Liability Insurance

All policies are customized and adapted to your individual requirements based on your company`s risk analysis.

As our client, you will benefit from our professional knowledge: Our special know-how stems from the long-term expirience and development of insurance concepts for Deutsche Bahn AG and its affiliated companies, which include both railway and combined freight transport enterprises. 

Hull insurance 

  • Land Transportation Hull Insurance: 
    Insurance for rail-bound vehicles-bound against damage and loss due to pre-stated hazards up to the covered replacement value 
  • Container Hull Insurance:
    Coverage for tank containers and other large containers 
  • Marine Hull Insurance and River Hull Insurance:
    Insurance policies for sea and inland waterway vessels

Liability insurance

  • Freight Forwarder´s and Carrier´s Liability Insurance: 
    Insurance for legal and/or contractual liability as stated in transport contracts between you and your clients and/or customers for the duration agreed upon in the business contracts

Transport insurance

  • Insurance coverage for property damage to goods in transit based on DVA’s insurance terms and conditions

Optional supplementary transport insurances

  • Baggage insurance (for business  or private travel, available individual or combined) 
  • Insurance coverage for exhibitions, trade fairs, events and presentations/demonstrations 
  • Insurance coverage for art exhibitions and galleries 
  • Transport insurance for valuables of banks

Credit and security deposit insurance

  • Credit and security deposit insurers bear the risk of insolvency of their policyholders or their customers, largely without the customary bank collateral.