Property and Technical insurance

Article: Property and Technical insurance

Based on many years of experience in the insurance industry, as well as our specific expertise in all areas of the property and technical insurance branches, we offer you individual advice and competent services. As our client, you will receive tailor-made insurance solutions to optimize your risk management. In addition to risk and market analysis, we offer customized offers, as well as pan-European quotations for particular insurance benefits.

As part of the property insurance for buildings, inventory and stocks, we offer fire and extended coverage insurance packages (extended coverage includes protection against theft, windstorms, hail, flooding, etc) and terrorism insurance, as well as all-risk insurance with predominantly self-developed and customized insurance terms.

For your technical equipment and devices, we provide special insurance solutions; DVA offers machinery, electronic, construction, and erection insurance.

In addition, we’ve developed unique property insurance products through our extensive experience in the railway sector. These include the following specialty products:

DVA Rolling Stock All Risk Insurance (RSA)®

Pan-European insurance solution - especially designed for rail-bound vehicles (e.g. passenger trains, all types of locomotives).

DVA Lessor Special Risk Insurance (LSR)®

This insurance solution provides protective coverage specifically for banks and lessors.

DVA Rail Construction Machinery Insurance (RCM)

This special insurance solution is designed for rail-bound machines (e. g. construction trains, ballast plough and temping machines, tamping machines, track recording cars)

Currently, over 5,000 rail-bound vehicles are insured through the special insurance programs and packages which DVA has developed.